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Plastics recycling machines directly from the producer, without complicated multi-step network of distribution.

Our experts will take care of Your order and make sure that it goes smoothly. We guarantee professional technical consultation just from the moment of the choice of the machine until its’ installment and starting in the final location.

The advantage of the Argus Machines on the market is based on the experience in manufacturing and production, thorough knowledge of all the possible issues related to the recycling and processing plastics.

We are constantly monitoring the market of recycling, changing Polish and European law regulations in our field and we follow the latest trends in this sector. We regularly take part in the industry trade fairs.

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Sorter elektrostatyczny- Argus Maszyny


ELECTROSTATIC SEPARATOR Plastic separation by material types: ABS / PS / PP / PA, PP / HDPE, ABS / PS, PET / PVC, PC / PMMA, POM / ABS, PA / ABS, PP / ABS, ABS / PS, PA / PBT. Up to 4 types of regrind can be sorted at the same time. The...
Sorter optyczny


OPTICAL SEPARATOR Optical separators can be divided into two categories: hopper and belt / bucket type. It is a device used in the processes of quality control and classification of loose materials. The key feature of our separator is very high precision, almost 100%. The optical separator is dedicated to all types of plastics.  ...
Sorter magnetyczny- Argus Maszyny


MAGNETIC SEPARATOR The belt conveyer magnetic separator is used to separate ferrous (ferromagnetic) materials from other loose materials. Correctly selected parameters ensure 100% purity of the materials subjected to separation.   Sorter magnetyczny- Argus Maszyny Sorter magnetyczny- Argus Maszyny  
Separator wiroprądowy- Argus Maszyny


EDDY CURRENT SEPARATOR It is used to separate non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, brass, etc. from the rest of the waste. The eddy current separator is equipped with a high-speed magnetic rotor, which produces eddy currents in non-magnetic metals as a result of changes in the magnetic field. The non-ferrous metal present in such...


NIR SEPARATOR The NIR separator is nothing more than a device using near infrared spectroscopy. Thanks to the near infrared (NIR) technology, NIR separators are able to detect and sort a wide range of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics and wood. The main advantage of this method is the short test time and high...
Automatyczny system sortowniczy AI (Artficial Intelligence)


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SEPARATOR Automatic sorting system (Artficial intelligence) This unique combination of optical separator technology with a robotic arm allows the simultaneous sorting of 5 whole products without prior shredding. The device distinguishes from each other: PET, PP, HDPE, PS bottles and packaging, paper and TETRA PAK. There are twenty types of materials stored in...
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