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The water treatment system for plastic washing lines is equipped with many innovative technical and construction solutions. It has a compact structure and can be placed directly on water reservoirs without taking up additional space. It has an automated control system that allows continuous 24/7 operation. However, the most important advantage of the water treatment system for plastic washing lines is self-sufficiency and the ability to work without sewage connections, and purified water can be used continuously without having to replace it, which is an invaluable benefit for the environment.

In the water purification device, flotation agents mixed with dirty water cause solids to precipitate. Contaminants lighter than water flow onto its surface and are removed. In contrast, pollution heavier than water settles on the bottom of the tank where it is cyclically drained into the sludge tank. From the center of the tank comes a collector which clean water is recycled.

Separated waste goes to the tank taking the form of solid waste.

Thanks to the innovative and compact design, it has been possible to reduce dehydration costs by up to 10% compared to traditional devices.

Each water purification system is prepared for individual customer needs.

In order to verify a given demand and the possibility of preparing an appropriate offer, please contact us.